ECF urges European cities to tap into ‘enormous potential’ of cargo bikes

Hayley Everett, 15 June, 2020
The European Cyclists Federation (ECF) held a webinar today discussing the EU-funded City Changer Cargo Bike Project, which hopes to help cities realise the enormous potential of cargo bikes for both transport and logistics.

The project aims to facilitate a faster and larger-scale uptake of cargo bikes in urban sectors, estimating a third of delivery trips in cities could be replaced by this form of transport.Morten Kabell, ECF joint CEO, explained: “I can say from experience that for mayors, promoting these initiatives are cost-effective, low risk and rewarding. The inherent ease and affordability of cargo bikes makes them an increasingly popular choice for families, SMEs, non-profit organisations, and international logistics companies across Europe.
“There are many ways in which traffic has redefined human spaces, and cargo bikes can also contribute to fostering a more dynamic street life and community by engaging citizens.”
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