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The last 25 years of my working life was spent in the Department of Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London. During that time I wrote a  book on Distributed Systems that I authored jointly with George Coulouris, Tim Kindberg and Gordon Blair – the fifth edition appeared in 2011.

I had always planned to get back to drawing and painting when I retired (in 1998). So I started to study in a class run by Elvina John. A few years later I attended etching classes run first by Peter Freeth and then by John Roberts. This led to my becoming a member of the Camden Printmakers group.  In 2007, I joined the Drawing London group which meets and sketches somewhere in London each month.  I have participated in group exhibitions with both Camden Printmakers and Drawing London. I have found that I am interested in the patterns and colours that appear in buildings, streetscapes and in the natural world. In 2005 I used patterns from Islamic art as a source, but since then I have concentrated mainly on what is offered in London, returning often to St. Pancras Station, the river and Hampstead Heath. I like to sketch roughly and then develop the resulting drawing into a print.

On this website, the tabs on the navigation menu take you to pages devoted to London Buildings, St Pancras Station and other subjects that have interested me over recent years. The majority of the works are prints, but a few paintings are also included.

jean on bike(small)For the last 40 odd years, cycling has been my main form of transport in London and in about 2003, I decided to volunteer at London Cycling Campaign. However, I soon discovered that I could be more useful in the local branch Camden Cycling Campaign and for the last twenty years have been very heavily involved in cycle campaigning.

Retirement has also left plenty of time for holidays (most of them cycling or walking) as described in the illustrated diaries of holidays with my partner George Coulouris,

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